Who are we? Why are we here?

The Frida Kahlo Corporation now shares Frida Kahlo's legacy to Web 3. The Non-Fungible Frida Kahlo (NFK). This Ethereum Mainet drop is the 1st genesis NFT collection of its kind that is redefining what it is to be a friend to the legendary icon, Frida Kahlo. Our growing Web 3 family encourages all to be a part of the continuing legacy of optimism, strength, and courage that Frida has inspired in her fans all over the world for decades.

This community is focused on a technological future that supports VR, AR, and decentralized systems that are gamified and educational for all regardless of age, gender, nationality, or ethnicity. The NFK Collection is the first step in bringing together the world’s most unique community of Frida’s Friends so they may intimately be a part of Frida's legacy. These Frida Friends will have exclusive access to the NFK Discord selected channels and other Web 3 immersive events, which will contain inside Alpha on the creation of Fridas Metaverse and the future destiny of Frida Kahlo’s IP. This is Frida's 115th anniversary, and her birthday is in July. Taking her Month of birth, 7, and meshing it with the 115 anniversary, you get 7115.

There will only be 7115 owners of the Non-Fungible Frida Kahlo’s, and they are central to the future growth of the new technological world created within the metaverse for all of our Frida's Friends. There is no other way to access Fridas' future like the Fridas Friends, who hold an NFK. All future projects are designed to bring value to the NFK holders as we continue our building within Web 3 space and beyond.




- 7115 generative NFK’s to be dropped on Ethereum Mainnet

- 1 generative NFK to be auctioned

- The NFK Doll

- Frida Kahlo NFT educational coloring book

- Exclusive digital and physical gifts to active community members

- Special Invitations to real world events

- NFK Comic Book

- Frida Kahlo Metaverse

- Frida Kahlo tokenized economy

- Frida Kahlo 3D digital NFT metaverse avatars

- Frida Kahlo Marketplace

- Animated Cartoon

- Frida Kahlo Video Game

Frequently Asked Questions

The Non Fungible Kahlo will be available for purchase on our website May 10th, 2022


At the time of purchase, a randomly selected NFK will be minted on the blockchain and delivered to your wallet. Once the public sale is closed, you can get a NFK on the Ethereum market though marketplaces like Open Sea and Looks Rare.

Each NFK will cost .0715 ETH plus gas

A maximum of 22 NFK’s can be minted per wallet

You will need to set up an Ethereum compatible wallet on your web browser or smart device. We recommend Metamask. Once this is set up with the extension in your browser, you’ll be able to connect the wallet to our site via the (‘Connect Wallet’ button). To transfer funds into your ETH wallet, first use a well known exchange such as Binance or Coinbase to convert your funds to ETH. Then you can send it to your waller address. Metamask allows you to connect your bank account straight to your wallet or allows you to use a debit card to purchase ETH.

- Exclusive access to The Frida’s Friends Community, a Web 3 Community where holders can socialize, play games and enjoy an intimate relationship to the Frida Kahlo IP and its future endeavors in the metaverse.

- Giveaways and partnerships. We are here to build and develop and as we do it will bring more value back to the NFK holders. We’ll be partnering with current and upcoming projects to give our holders exclusive value to their NFK. Think giveaways, whitelist opportunities, and metaverse collaborations.

- Future value; The team at NFK are dedicated to becoming a top tier NFT in the Ethereum ecosystem.

- Access to the NFK discord where holders will vote on community proposals that will assist the future projects directions.